Carferries of the Great Lakes
Carferry Memories

timetable by Debbie Mazur

We sailed on the Badger on August 5, 1997. Our party included Jim, my mom, our two nephews from North Carolina, our two children and myself. We had round trip tickets and since our nephews trip was so jam packed, we only went over to Wisconsin for lunch-really! Unfortunately, the seas were unseasonably rough. We were told by the crew that those seas were similar to October. The crew was kept busy getting puke buckets and passing out sea sick bracelets. You can use these pressure point bracelets free of charge, you just leave your drivers license or put a $10 refundable deposit. They worked for my mom and me, but not for our two kids. The nephews and Jim roughed it out. In a couple of hours the kids felt well enough to eat pizza. Ha Ha.
In Wisconsin we took the shuttle bus downtown and ate at the "Fat Seagull". The food was very good. We had a little time to walk around, but not much. I wish we could have spent the night, it seemed kind of silly to just have lunch and head back. I would not do this again as the trip is really very tiring. I took no chances and took some Dramamine for the trip back. (It only works if you take it 1 hour before you travel).

This was our first trip since the big make-over and we were very pleased with the improvements. I would travel again anytime-well hopefully on a calmer day...the trip back was calm, so Jim and I even had a few beers. Much better trip. :)
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