Pere Marquette 16
Pere Marquette 16

The PERE MARQUETTE 16 was the only wooden carferry in the Pere Marquette fleet. Built by Craig Shipbuilding Company at Toledo, Ohio in 1895 as SHENANGO NO. 2. She was sold and renamed MUSKEGON in 1898. She became part of the Pere Marquette Railroad when it was reorganized in 1901 and was renamed Pere Marquette 16. Damaged in 1907, she was laid up until sold in 1917 and made into a barge, "HARRIET B". She sunk in a collision in 1922 in Lake Superior.

Call Whistle -- Short-Long-Long

"The two big carferries (15 and 16) were in port at the same time yesterday morning and a good many people improved the opportunity afforded of comparing the craft.

The modern seagoing steamer MUSKEGON appears crude enough when compared with the PERE MARQUETTE.  The former is a wooden boat and not as long or as wide as the latter.  Both are equipped for passenger as well as for car serice however and together they form a fleet of large capacity.  The carpenters and electricians are still working on the MUSKEGON repairing the damage done by the cars breaking loose in the storm."

The Ludington Record, July 1900


  • October 25, 1895 -- SHENANGO NO. 2 (later PERE MARQUETTE 16) was launched in Toledo, Ohio.  She was built by the Craig Shipbuilding Company for the United States & Ontario Steam Navigation Company.
  • October 20, 1898 -- The SHENANGO NO. 2   was arriving Milwaukee when her steering gear failed and crashed into the uncompleted elevator of the American Malting Company, causing considerable damage.
  • December 9, 1898 -- The SHENANGO NO. 2 was re-named MUSKEGON. Later, she would be renamed PERE MARQUETTE 16.
  • December 18, 1899 -- The MUSKEGON's steering gear failed, causing several cars to derail.
  • February 23, 1900 -- The MUSKEGON encountered a gale mid-lake.  Loss of rudder control caused the ship to be tossed helplessly for several hours, derailing several cars.
"The names of the Pere Marquette steamers have changed.  The carferry MUSKEGON is now the PERE MARQUETTE NO. 16 and the 'Flint' has been dropped from the names of the other steamers."

Ludington Record-Appeal, October, 1901
  • October 9, 1900 -- The MUSKEGON was renamed PERE MARQUETTE 16.
"In the gale of last Wednesday the carferry PERE MARQUETTE 16 standed in Green Bay near Peshtigo.  The tug LORENA went to her assistance and late Thursday the big wooden ferry was released without damage.

NO. 16 has for a month been running in the Wisconsin and Michigan line between South Chicago and Peshtigo, taking the place of BARGE NO. 1, which capsized in Chicago.  Capt. Charles Thompson is in command of  NO. 16 which will remain on its present run all winter."

The Ludington Chronicle, November 1906
  • December 21, 1901 --  The PERE MARQUETTE 16 ran aground in a strom at Ludington.
  • 1906  -- The PERE MARQUETTE 16 was leased to the Ann Arbor Railroad.
  • March 21, 1918 -- The PERE MARQUETTE 16 was renamed "Harriet B".
  • May 3, 1922 -- The PERE MARQUETTE 16, as the barge Harriet B. while in tow of the Jacob, collided with the steamer Quincy A. Shaw, and sank off Two Harbors, Minnesota.
Being towed out of Ludington

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