Pere Marquette 18
Pere Marquette 18
The P.M. 18 sank about 20 miles off Sheboygan, Wisconsin in relatively good weather with a loss of 28 lives. No cause for the disaster has ever been determined. The Ship's Master, Capt. Peter Kilty, and all of the officers, went down with the ship, along with 17 crewmen, two passengers and two stowaways. Wireless operator Stephen F. Sczepanek, who perished in the tragedy, has his name listed on a memorial just below that of the wireless operator of the S.S. Titanic. The memorial is in New York City.

The P.M 17 rushed to the aid of the P.M. 18, and picked up 33 survivors, but lost two of her own crew during the rescue.

Call Whistle -- Long-Long-Short
Captain -- Peter Kilty

As a result of her sinking, all of the major Great Lakes carferry companies equipped their vessels with seagates to protect their sterns from heavy following seas..

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When the PERE MARQUETTE 18 was launched, the Japanese tradition of releasing a flock of doves was used instead of breaking a bottle of champage on her bow.  The ship was christened by Beatrice Logan, daughter of the designer Robert Logan.

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  • August 16,1902 --  PERE MARQUETTE 18 was launched at Cleveland, Ohio.  She was built by the American Shipbuilding Company.
  • February 13, 1904 -- The PERE MARQUETTE left Ludington for Kewaunee but became stuck in the ice.  PERE MARQUETTE 18 (I) was sent out to work her free, but could not find her and returned to Ludington.
  • August 5, 1907 -- Annette Kellerman dived off the deck of the PERE MARQUETTE 18 (I) on a dare.  Two of the 18s officers lept over to rescue her.  One of the officers nearly drowned and was rescued by Annette.

  • September 9, 1910 -- PERE MARQUETTE 18 sunk with a loss of 28 lives, 2 of which from the PERE MARQUETTE 17 which came to the rescue.
  • January 9, 1977 -- The last survivor of the PERE MARQUETTE 18 disaster, Mike Bucholtz, died.

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