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PERE MARQUETTE 20 was built in 1903 by American Ship Building Co. at Cleveland. She was identical in design to 19. In 1938, she was sold to the State of Michigan for service at the Straits of Mackinac and renamed CITY OF MUNISING. As with the 17, in 1959 she was sold to K & K Trucking. When that deal failed, Washington Island Storage Corp. of Washington Island, Wisconsin, purchased her for use as a floating warehouse and barge for potato merchant, Edward H. Anderson. She was renamed NO.2. In 1973, she was towed to Europe and scrapped.


Anchor Thief?"

"Captain Owen Gallagher of the PERE MARQUETTE 20 would like to kow what became of a portion of one of his anchor stocks, recently lost in a most mysterious mannor.  Both captain and mates are positive that the boat never came in contact with any obstruction and how the missing portion of the anchor disappeared has been the subject of wide conjecture.

The captain's best guess is that cold weather caused a crystallization of the metal at a weak point, which resulted in the break when the vessel encountered heavy seas.  Mystery is further deepened by the fact that carferry NO. 15 also lost her anchor in some unknown way not long ago."

Ludington Daily News, January 1920

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  • December 14, 1903 -- The PERE MARQUETTE 20 left the shipyard in Cleveland on her maiden voyage.
  • December 23, 1903 -- The PERE MARQUETTE 20 arrived Ludington on her maiden voyage.  Captain John C. Ackerman in command.
  • May 29, 1905 -- The PERE MARQUETTE 20, while leaving Milwaukee in a heavy fog struck the skow "Hiram R. Bond" of the Milwaukee Sand and Gravel Company.  The skow sank.
"As a result of a peculiar accident carferry PERE MARQUETTE 20 lies at her dock awaiting a berth in the Milwaukee drydock.

The big ferry started Saturday for Milwaukee but had only proceeded a few miles in the lake when she lost her starboard wheel and about six feet of outboard shaft.  No cause is assigned for the strange accident except that there must have been a flaw in the metal.

The weather was quiet and the craft was moving along at ordinary speed when, without warning, the shaft parted with the result that the wheel dropped off and sank to the bottom of the lake.

Capt. John Ackerman turned his boat around and was able to reach port by means of the remaining port wheel.  A new casting has been ordered which will cost several thousand dollars and NO. 20 will go into drydock for two or three weeks to repair the damage.  NO. 15 has been fitted out and is taking NO. 20's place."

Ludington Chronicle, July 17, 1907
  • December 10, 1911 -- The PERE MARQUETTE 20 ran aground north of Milwaukee in command of Capt. Neil McIsaac.
  • October 30, 1971 -- The PERE MARQUETTE 21 laid up due to coal strike, never to sail again as a carferry.

Carferry PERE MARQUETTE 20 encountered difficulty with the ice while trying to make Ludington harbor from Milwaukee about 8 O'clock this morning.  She became fast in the ice south of the harbor entrance but was held about 4 minutes when the 15 arrived from Manitowoc and opened up a channel for her sister ship to escape.

Despite the storms and driving winds of the past few days the carferries have encountered little trouble with ice conditions on either shore.  Considerable ice is reported in the lake but the pathway of the boats is for the most part clear."

Ludington Daily News, February 1920
  • March 14, 1920 -- The PERE MARQUETTE 20 became fast in the ice as she neared Ludington
  • March 20, 1938 -- PERE MARQUETTE 20 was sold to the State of Michigan and was towed out of Ludington.   She was renamed "City of Munising"
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  • June 26, 1938 -- The CITY OF MUNISING, formerly the PERE MARQUETTE 20, was christened by Mrs. John W. Hannah, wife of the mayor of Munising.

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