This material comes from Greg Hayden, whose father is a retired Great Lakes Chief Engineer. Clem Hayden got this booklet while he sailed the Shenago Furnace Company's William P. Snyder Jr. She was repowered in 1952 from her original 1912 model 2500 HP quadruple expansion steam engine to the largest Skinner model...a six cylinder, 6,000 HP version...Mr. Hayden was the "Owners Representative" when she was converted. Greg sailed the Lakes 6-1/2 years with Hanna, then sailed off-shore for 8-1/2 years. He now owns and operates his own personal computer consulting and tutoring business.

Skinner engines were used in the City of Midland 41, Spartan, & Badger. The Pere Marquettes 21 & 22 were repowered with skinner engines in the early '50's. The following is the contents of the 1953 booklet published by Skinner Engines.

Skinner Engines 1953 cover.

Skinner engine used in the Spartan.

Badger and Spartan, equipped with Skinner engines.

Page 3, The Skinner Unaflow steam marine engine.

Page 4, continued from above.

Page 5, continued.

Page 6, cross section of engine.

Page 7, Design Innovations.

Page 8, High & Low Pressure Diagrams.

Page 9, Identification of Parts.

Page 10, Transfer Valve Open.

Page 11, All Valves Closed.

Page 12, Design & Contruction.

Page 13, Crankshaft, Pistons & Rings, Connecting Rods.

Page 14, Cylinders, Crossheads & Pins, Indicator Reducing Motion.

Page 15, Valves & Valve Gear.

Page 16, Continued from above.

Back cover.

Thanks to Greg Hayden (Another Merchant Marine Page) and Neil Shultheiss (Great Lakes Vessel Passage), without whom this page would not have been possible.

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